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Convert Psd to Html and WordPress with Bootstrap Responsive for a User Friendly Website

Converting PSD files to HTML is an important feature in web designing. It is time consuming, strenuous but crucial for websites due to its flexibility and sturdiness. Displaying PSD files on your website creates difficulties at times as it is not compatible to web formats.

convert psd to html

Every online business owner wants to convert PSD to WordPress theme and get more visitors and better productivity for your website. This gives several benefits like:

  • Access to site from any internet connected device
  • Enhanced scalability features of adding pages and functionalities without any issues
  • WordPress is SEO friendly structure
  • Coding is neat and allows web crawlers easy access to index the website
  • WP gives you total control

Techniques to convert PSD design to HTML/ WordPress with Bootstrap Responsive:


Slicing of PSD files to HTML is an important feature that you have to consider with care. You have to be sure of how exactly you require your website to be designed. This is crucial as you will be in a better position to come up with precise design to place all the elements like header, footer, navigation bar, sidebar etc. in a systematic and serial order.

There are some languages on the net like HTML and XHTML that are commonly used for displaying PSD files on your site. HTML is more popular as it is less expensive and preferable in case you do not have any XML syntax.

Hand coding:

Code is another key factor that you have to bear in mind. There has always been a doubt whether hand coding or automated coding was better.  While automated coding is more cost-effective and time saving, hand coding provides more accuracy and error-less codes.

Websites that need accurate and professionally written codes buy the human hand coding while businesses that lack HTML/XHTML/ CSS markup skills turn to automated code. Machine coding preferably should be avoided.

Semantic coding:

Semantic markup HTML code gives more meaning to a web page instead of only giving it a presentable look. You can avoid using images and high resolution videos and gives your website faster page uploading speed.

Responsive web design:

Technology has taken the web design industry into a dynamic era where responsive design rules the roost. You have to ensure your website is compatible to all the browsers and is easily accessible even on the mobile devices. You need convert PSD to HTML responsive bootstrap frame work, created by Twitter.  Today the visitors look for high speed response and do not have the time to wait for desktop access. You will get lost in the highly competitive world if you do not have a responsive website.   The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validates your website for the coding used and you can be assured that all errors while coding are eliminated in the process.

PSD to HTML responsive bootstrap

Although the conversion process is simple and easy, it may go out of your hands if you are not familiar with codes. You could leave it to your developers who find HTML very convenient and offer the conversion of PSD to HTML service.  Consider the developers experience and previous track record and customer reviews before hiring them.